How to get Amazon Reviews (And Become Amazon’s Choice)


I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Getting product reviews on Amazon is hard!

And if that’s not bad enough, Amazon recently has cracked down on giving out products in exchange for reviews.

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

Getting reviews on Amazon is much easier than you think.

Whether you are launching a new product, or just looking to increase product reviews…

This post will give you the exact step by step system to use.

And this is not theory:

This is the exact process I used to launch a product in a very competitive category (with over 100,000 monthly searches) that quickly became “Amazon’s Choice.”


At the end of this post, you’ll quickly be able to use start getting reviews for your own product!

And it gets better:

I’m also going to show you how to correctly set up promotions within Amazon Seller Central (this will make or break your campaign) and how to import them into AMZ Tracker.

Let’s begin:

[NOTE: This is updated to follow the guidelines for Amazon’s latest update on customer reviews.]


To begin, log into your AMZ Tracker Review account, or go here to sign up for a free 7-day trial.

Once inside, navigate to the promotions page by selecting the “Promotions” tab on the left hand column.

Here is where you will add each product that you will be giving away for free or at a discount.

You may be wondering how this is still allowed under Amazon’s new review policy?

The general rule is Amazon no longer allows seller to request reviews for products in exchange for a free or discounted item. However, Amazon clearly states that sellers “may continue to offer discounts and promotions as long as they are not offered in exchange for reviews.” AMZ Tracker has adapted to these rules by no longer requiring reviewers to leave reviews for AMZ Tracker product promotions.

Click “Add Product” at the top.

amz tracker review

You will than want to insert the ASIN of each product.

[Note: You will need to have the product already listed on Amazon in order to pull in the ASIN and product details from Amazon]


Got it? Good. Let’s move on.

Now you will need to log into your Amazon Seller Account.

From the top navigation bar, select “Advertising” and then “Promotions.


Click the tab “Manager Product Selection.”

From the drop down menu select “ASIN.”

Click “Create Product Selection.”


On the “Create Product Selection” screen, this is where you will add the products by ASIN that you will use in your promotions.

I recommend creating a separate ASIN list for each product. If your product has a variations, you can name the product selection name the parent name and then enter the ASIN for each variation under one list.


Parent: Red Baseball Shoes

Variations: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, etc.

add asin to product selection

Next, navigate back to the main Promotions page.

Since we will be giving a percentage off discount, you will select the “Money Off” promotion.

[Note: Amazon has recently made changes to where you can no longer give dollar off discounts. They only allow percentage off discounts. For advanced users, you can follow these steps to set your max order quantity to prevent inventory from being wiped out. I personally have never had this issue but if you are worried you can set your max order quantity.]


And now you will see the promotion set up page.  In the screenshot below, I have set it up exactly how I would do for a 70% off promotion. Here are 7 points you need to get correct for a successful campaign:

  1. Under purchased items, select the product that you will be giving away at a discount for reviews.
  2. Enter % discount buyer will get on item.
  3. This is critical: Because the new Amazon rules only allow for % off instead of $ off promotions, it is important to know the percentage discount applies to the entire order. You will need to exclude other items from receiving the discount if they purchase during the same order.
  4. ALWAYS select “Single Use” coupons.  According to Amazon: “Group claim codes have no quantity limits. If the group claim code is posted on a social media site your entire inventory could sell out in a short amount of time.
  5. Check the box “One Redemption Per Customer”
  6. Select Unrestricted. The difference between Unrestricted and Exclusive is that exclusive restricts the reviewers to using only 1 coupon code as a time. Many reviewers will purchase multiple (different) products for review at the same. You risk losing the entire order because the reviewer wanted to purchase more than one item.
  7.  Leave the “Detail display page” box unchecked. If you leave unchecked, ALL amazon customers will be able to see that you are offering the discount.s.

money off amazon promotion for reviews

After the promotion is submitted, you will then need to generate the claim codes to give away to the reviewers.

Click the “Manager Your Promotions” tab, and then “View” on the promotion you just created.

manage promotion

Next, select “Manage Claim Codes.”


Enter the number of claim codes you want to give away to reviewers. I recommend creating 2-4 claim codes per number of inventory in stock. Example: If you have 100 items available to give away, creating 200-400 claim codes.

The reason you want to create extra is because some reviewers will claim the codes and then never purchase the item. Once they claim the code, it is unavailable for anyone else to claim regardless if they purchase or not.

manage claim codes

Clicking “create” will generate a list of codes that need to be downloaded.

Click download. You will be given a txt file will the list of codes. Save this file and we will come back to it in a couple of steps.

download claim codes

Now, back to AMZ Tracker.

Only a few more steps and you’ll be ready to start collecting reviews!

Next, you will then create your promotion so it will appear live for reviewers to see and purchase.

create promotion amz tracker

3 tabs inside of the promotion need to be filled out with details of the promotion (title, description, price, etc.)

You will want to make sure you correctly select whether the item is “Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)” or “Fulfilled by Yourself.”

Fill out the information and then click “Next step: Add Vouchers.”

amztracker reviews

amztracker reviews discount

Remember the TXT files with the claim codes we created inside of Amazon Seller Central?

I hope you didn’t lose these…

Because now we will add them inside of the promotion.

Copy and paste directly from the TXT file into the voucher area.

Be sure “Multiple, one time claim codes” is checked.

Click “Next Step: Add Notes for Shoppers.”

enter review vouchers amz tracker

I have never filled out the fields below, but they can be used to leave the reviewers notes regarding the shipping time and products.

notes for review shoppers

save your review promotion

The Final Step: You MUST manually send each voucher to the reviewers who have requested the discount code. If you leave this step out, they will never receive the code to purchase and review your product.

On the “Promotions” tab inside of AMZ Tracker, you will see a “Red Circle”  icon with the number of reviewers who have requested your product.

Click on the red circle to open a drop down with each shopper. To send the code, click the “Green Mail” icon.

send claim code to amazon reviews

That’s It! The process is very simple after you complete it a few times. Just remember to check AMZ Tracker daily to manually send the vouchers to the reviewers who have requested them.

Ready to start collecting reviews for your own product?

Click the AMZ Tracker banner below to start your Free 7-Day trial.


Now what I want to know your AMZ Tracker Review and how you use it to get Amazon product reviews ? Let me know in the comments…

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